How to Make Windows Genuine with Remove WAT

how to make windows genuine

Remove WAT App – How to Make Windows Genuine with Remove WAT

In my previous article, I shared with you How to Make Windows Genuine with Command Prompt. Now if that method did not work for you, you can easily try to use this method How to make windows genuine with Remove WAT.

The Remove WAT is a great software which helps to make Windows genuine forever by removing the activation time. In some PCs/Laptops where every other method of activating Windows fails, Remove WAT is such to provide a yes solution to your problems. I have activated some Windows popping up the warning that Windows is not Genuine with Command Prompt method but I found out that in some laptops/PCs, it doesn’t work and in this had to try the Remove WAT tool which automatically did remove the activation time and made the windows genuine. WAT means Windows Activation Time so with the Remove WAT tool, the activation time is completely removed and hence you don’t have to worry for activating your Windows after a particular time, “This copy of Windows is not genuine”, a black desktop background even after you change the Wallpaper are all gone forever.

However, there are so many Remove WAT apps that I have downloaded and didn’t work for me they either gave me an error code or some of the download links had virus and incomplete downloads occurs in other occasions.

The only Remove WAT app which I have downloaded, virus free and it worked for me is what I would share here.

 remove WAT

Steps to Get and Use Remove WAT tool

– Download and extract remove WAT app here

Note :If this downloaded file doesn’t work for you, simply request for it on the comment box and I promise to reply you with other links.

– Extract it

– Right click on WAT Remover and “Run as administrator)

– Click “Remove WAT”

remove WAT

– Confirm

– Allow the process to complete then confirm restart

That is all. Windows 7 is activated


Confirm That WAT is removed

-For you to confirm that “WAT” is removed,

– Open My Computer

– Click on System Properties or Right Click on Drive (C:)

– Click on properties

– You won’t see any “Windows Activation Status” column if the process is successful as earlier before. This method works for all Windows 7 versions

remove WAT

Important: Note it is recommended that after you install Remove WAT, you shouldn’t update Windows. (Windows is set as Automatic” by default you should change it to “Never”). You can change the settings by going to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update,

–          Click on “change settings” on Important updates click the drop down arrow and select “Never check for updates“.


You can try How To Make Windows Genuine with Command Prompt before trying Remove WAT.

Remove WAT worked for me did it work for you?

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  1. It says the download file isn't there when I click on the link.

    • You could try this other links then: or

      I hope this works for you.

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