list of wearable technology
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List of wearable technology: Best and worst

With the help of wearable technology, learning more about yourself is not just become high-tech but also real-time too. With the well-advanced technology like apps that monitor your heart rate and devices, which track the detail of food consumption to those gadgets that even monitor the surrounding air is a reality now. So, as you know that now the technology is becoming quite advanced nowadays, that is why the popularity of wearable technology is increased a lot amongst people. There is a list of wearable technology, which has gained massive fame. But not all wearable technology devices are great for you, so be careful while choosing a one.

When it comes to the latest wearable technology, you always get to know about your own health, you can monitor your food consumption power and everything on a daily basis. You will be able to learn about your own heart-rate and steps with your own self-tracking devices and go a step further by using the devices to measure the success of self-improvement attempts.

list of wearable technology

Here is a list of wearable technology

Wearable technology definitely helps people to track their health and that is why these are popular too.

The Brain Sensing Headband

Due to the busy and hectic schedule, people do not get much time to meditate. Or even though, they get, they clearly do not want to do that. This is where this brain-sensing headband comes, which is actually helpful in the overall health. Not making you less involved in life, it helps you to take less stress. Amongst the list of wearable technology, will be worn on your head, by wrapping around ears and activate via the free app on your phone. Once this gets connected, this offers you with the real-time readings of an EEG based neuro-feedback and then play meditation music accordingly.

Real-Time Location Tracker for Kids

When parents cannot keep their eye on their kids every time, they look for another option and this device meets the requirements. This device helps you to keep track of your children like where are they all the time. As you will be able to keep your eye on them, you will be less-worried and get peace of mind. As this is very lightweight and small, so this will not be a problem for your child to carry along with them. The comfort and the added safety you’ll get by attaching this.

Smart Watch for Bluetooth

Smart watch is one of the popular and reliable wearable technologies for people. This is mainly a Bluetooth smart watch, which helps you attend a call even you are in the middle of the road. Along with calls, the device also comes with some other features and functionalities such as messaging, pedometer and the whole she-bang. The best part about the watch is that you will not require any other cellphone to use this watch. So, if you do not want your kid to have a cell phone but also you want to keep in touch then this device can be a solution.

Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker

This is a smart speaker, which is mainly used for entertainment purposes. Well, after the tight schedule of the whole day, people opt for relaxation and nothing can beat music for this purpose. So, if you are someone who loves to listen to music, then this can be your device. This will give you the superior sound; keep it on your body at all times. This means that your hands will be free to keep doing whatever you want to do even without ruining your train of thought to stop and operate it. Apart from music, this also includes a small microphone so that you can use this as a cell phone too.

Best Wearable Camera

If you are an adventure lover, then this is one of the amazing devices for you. To go out anywhere unexpectedly demands a Wi-Fi action camera. This one comes with a mount, which will simply secure to the helmet without any hassle and you will not require any additional gear as well. In fact, there is no possibility of losing your camera too. If you’re opting for an adventure sans helmet, there are probably plenty of different ways that the mount will secure to you: your backpack or harness, perhaps even around your neck in a lanyard. But always be careful with your neck while wearing this one.

Apart from the best wearable technology, there are a few worst wearable technologies available as well:

Acer Selfie Hat

Amongst the list of wearable technology, there is the worst part as well, which is the Acer Selfie Hat. This comes in a massive pink sombrero, which bends the laws of physics seemingly. In fact, it makes your whole look absolutely ugly and it would not even know if this photo-bombed the entire Instagram feed.

Drum pants

This is one of the baffling inventions of all time. The drumpants are mainly the two lines of pressure sensors that fit inside any jeans or trousers. Eventually, the pants come with the sensors, which are meant to make sounds of almost any instruments. So, wearing this one can easily create any sound by just tapping on the thigh. You can also answer your phone with just a tap of your leg or else control the games over Bluetooth.

The Smart Wig

Will wearing a heavy bunch of hair shaped like a wig on your head for the all day long makes you happy? Obviously not! The manufacturer has made this wig by incorporating the sensors into it. So, whenever you will get any LinkedIn message from a person or a notification on social media, your brain will let you know about that but obviously you will feel extremely heavy on your hair. The worst part is this could be made of human hair, yak hair, buffalo hair or horsehair. Presumably, for all those times, you will have to point out just how ridiculous you look with this thing on your head.

list of wearable technology

The Phone Holder on head

This is basically a phone holder, which is tucked by your head and you can chat or watch the video without touching this. So, basically, the manufacturers say that this can solve the issue of “oh-so-pressing” having the smartphone in your hand and getting fingerprint smudges on your screen. But just think how would you look wearing this giant-sized thing wrapped around the head? Pretty? Definitely not! And the worst part is that, as the direct ray of the cellphone goes into your eyes, so it can damage your eyes as well.

The recent era is full of gadgets and technical devices. Some of these are helpful and beneficial for you and some of these are extremely worst at a certain level. So, whenever you make your mind to buy or wear something, just consider the list of wearable technology. And try to sort the worst and best parts out. You will get more clarification by reading the features of them.

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