Know the trends of wearable technology in fashion industry
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Know the trends of wearable technology in fashion industry

The aspect of consumerism is witnessing a new dimension as consumers around the world are not only demanding normal clothing buy more specialized wearable products such as eyeglasses, diapers, sleek bras, compression stocking and many more. Knowing their pulses, the reputed wearable manufacturers create unique devices and innovative gadgets by deploying the right technology. Such additions not only offer great comforts but also make new trends in the entire fashion industry. Read on to find more inputs about the wearable technology in fashion industry and its current trends that are truly amazing.

Hand held phone- A thing of the past

Know the trends of wearable technology in fashion industry

No wonder, you will be surprised to read this sub-heading. Yes, technology makes our future in going wild by moving out our smart phones from our palms into the sleeves of our tops or shirts. Advanced technologies will soon be heralding our future wearables by taking us to the new center stage of Smart Textiles. Though such products are still in pretty niche days are not far off for us to experience such innovative products. None of us thought of the Smartphones about few decades ago, but today they have become an integral part of our daily life. Let us look some of the possible new trends that can dominate in the fashion industry.

  • Color changing clothes with our command: We might have seen some shirts that can alter its color based on the ambient heat or lighting. With this one can change color of the top according to the situation. With advanced technology, one can create the color of the shirt as per the command of the user instead of external and passive stimuli like light or heat. This feature is possible by using a micro controller which can be woven in the fabric.
  • Phone charger in your pants: The wasted thermal energy during out movement can be used differently to charge our phones. Scientists are working with ceramic plate generators which be fixed on your skin as a part of your clothing. With varying temperature a different in voltage can be created to charge your battery. Like these more innovative products to come in future and making the wearable technology is our future trend.
  • iTBra:  This is an embedded device which can track the temperature variations in a woman’s breasts. By using this unique inner fit  one can determine the presence of breast cancer from the wearer;s circadian pattern and its rhythms. More than the fashion industry, the health care industry too gets the benefit from this innovative product.

Textile pressure sensors

One of the popular global brand is claiming to have developed a textile pressure sensor which can create some new trends on the clothing industry. Known to be ‘Fashtech’ a short form of Fashion Embedded Technology, these unique products are capable of monitoring and measuring the pressure of ‘wearables’ for a prolonged contact with the skin or body, especially the sensitive areas. Also, these innovative items can be used as a shape-wear and used in the garments which are capable of modify and even enhance the wearer’s appearance.

Capacitive tactile sensors

Know the trends of wearable technology in fashion industry

This is another advanced design that eliminates some of the pitfalls observed in the textile pressure sensor, wherein it is will be hard to find the static pressures as human body is known to be more sensitive to pressure that consistently changes to various levels. To overcome this issue, technologists have found a solution in coming with these capacitive tactile sensors which have the ability to quantify and capture the right pressure that is felt by the wearers. These sensors are preferred than the resistive technology as these sensors are less immune to wear and tear. Also, they are cost effective as per the technologists.

How future wearable technology in fashion industry look like?

When it comes to the wearable technology in fashion industry we need to go a long way in a short period. As the technology is moving fast, we could able to visualize that technologies are woven into the stitches of our outfit. When we hear about the edible micro-pill where chips are swallowed to detect bodily disorders, wearable technology in clothing is not far away from us. All one needs to look for the affordability and comfort in wearing these micro-marvels that touch our skin from the inside portion of our attires. We need to wait and watch how these innovative trends help us in getting the best value for our investment.

Virtual fitting rooms

Modern technology has not stopped its presence in designing various types of innovative wearable products as discussed in the above paragraphs. It has also penetrated into the other areas like virtual fitting rooms. This is a boon for the online shoppers who hereafter need not bother about the hassles involved in the returns. Also, this new virtual fitting rooms help the online marketers to have fewer returns as the users can make use this virtual fitting room  that offers the perfectly suited items for the buyers. Thanks to the new sort of software that walks the user through trying the clothing with a realistic depiction of what a wearer looks on screen.


Having said that, we can come to an inference that wearable technology in fashion industry has come to stay forever, though the concept is in its infant stage. However it can be concluded here that technology and fashion have become intertwined together for developing new trends which are not only safe but also provide many valuable inputs to the users. Thanks to these advanced technologies that have pushed away the art of hand-sewing to the thing of the past. Undoubtedly, innovative technologies have started shaping the fashion industry for the better and even taking it to some new levels.

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