How To Change Ringtone On iPhone

how to change ringtone on iphone

There are so many assertions by various apps claiming to create ringtones for your iPhone but however, these claims turns out to be false.

The easiest way to on how to set song as ringtone on iPhone is by syncing both iTunes and iPhone.

Let me share with you in this article on how to set song as ringtone on iPhone using iTunes.

Yes! Apple hasn’t really made this easy for iPhone users but if you are determined to use a song you love as ringtone for your iPhone, then you should continue reading.

Just incase you don’t want to read through, here is a video that would be a lot helpful to you.

How To Set Song As Your Ringtone on iPhone – Steps

1. Launch iTunes by double clicking on the app on your PC

2. Under Music, Right Click on the song you choose to use as ringtone on your iPhone

3. Click on Get Info

4. Click on Options Tab

5. Change Stop Time to 0:30 (that is 30 seconds).
Note: You can also change the Start Time if you choose to. Stop time must be within 30 seconds which is the maximum length for a ringtone.

6. Click ok

7. Right click on the song again, then Click on Create AAC Version. iTunes will convert the song and after conversion is done, you would see the time frame of the new version would be 30 seconds or whatever time frame you set the Stop Time to be.

8. Next Right-Click on the original track> click > Get info > Options tab then restore the start and stop times to their original times just by unchecking the box.

9. Right click on the 30 seconds or ACC version> click Show in Windows Explorer

10. On Windows Explorer, right click the short version or 30 seconds version and rename it to .m4r extension instead of the .m4a extension. r means ringtone a is audio.

11. Double click the song to add to iTunes Tones section of your iTunes library.

In other to be sure that your song is in your Tones section in your iTunes library, select Tones then you would find it in your list of tones.

12. Connect your iPhone to your PC, click on iPhone > Click on the Tones button and ensure Sync Tones is checked. The Click on Apply at the bottom to start your sync.

13. After sync is finished, on your iPhone, tap settings > sounds > ringtone and select the new tone.

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