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How To Find Wi-Fi Password

In this article, I would reveal to you how to find Wi-Fi password on your personal computer or laptop. This information may come handy when you forget your Wi-Fi password.

Wi-Fi is used to establish internet connection between Wi-Fi wireless router and our system. A user can sometimes forget the password they used to connect to their Wi-Fi Router for the first time and this would make it difficult for them to connect to other systems using the same Wireless device.

In addition, a wireless connection can be established by using an android device. When you forget your password, the only option to go around this is for you to Set Up a new Wi-Fi hotspot from an Android device. To learn how to Set UP a new Wi-Fi Hotspot from an Android device, visit this link on How To Setup a Wireless Connection.

Reasons You Need To Know How To Find Wi-Fi Password On Your PC.

1.  You might forget your Wi-Fi password and need to change it to prevent too many persons from connecting to it.

2. You might need to share your Wi-Fi password with others.

3. In a situation where you need to share your Wi-Fi or hotspot with other devices you would need your Wi-Fi password just in case you forget it.

4. As a Network Administrator, you need to know how to find Wi-Fi password on your laptop or desktop computer.

Now you are about to learn how to find Wi-Fi password on your laptop or desktop computer if you can’t remember it.

How To Find Wi-Fi Password On Your Pc

– First, click on the icon internet access

how to find wi-fi password

– Then right click on the Wi-Fi/Hotspot name you want to get the password

– Click on Properties

– Click on the Security Tab

– check the box SHOW CHARACTERS this would display the Network security key which is your password. With the password handy you can use to connect to other systems.


– Go to Control Panel on your system,

– Network and Internet – View Network Status and Tasks.

– Select your network on ACCESS TYPE CONNECTIONS by clicking

– Click on Wireless Properties – Security

how to find wi-fi password

– Show characters.

That is all you need on how to find your Wi-Fi / hotspot password on your laptop or personal computer.

Your Turn: Has this article be helpful to you? Please let’s hear your comments, suggestions.

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iPhone 6 Release Date

There have been rumours of the release date of iPhone 6 with iPhone 5s less than nine months old. We would let you know of the release date and new feature rumours of the iPhone 6.

According to Reuters, the iPhone 6 with A 4.7 inch screen version is expected to be launched in August and a 5.5-inch or 5.6-inch model will be released in September, this seem unlikely to be correct.

iphone 6 release date

iPhone 6 Release Date

If you are a lover of iPhone please don’t fall victim of the recent scam from an email, that is emailed to people saying “The wait is over” convincing them that they can buy the iPhone 6 today. A link is giving where they just need to fill out their Apple ID and password. this you would be doing at your own risk as it’s a phishing site. iPhone 6 Release Date is yet to be known as all date on the internet are mere speculations. We should be at alert when Apple announces the  iPhone 6 release date.

One expected remarkable feature of the iPhone 6 is a 4.7inch scratch resistant sapphire crystal screen.

The iPhone 6 4.7inch scratch resistant sapphire crystal screen is believed to be resistant from scratch as shown in the video below.

– Price

The price of iPhone 6 is 16GB £549, 32GB £629 and 64GB £709

– Camera

Better camera

– Shatter proof sapphire crystal glass

– NFC chip

News from Macworld UK reports that NFC that  can be used for iPhones to talk to each other and for mobile payments is filed by Apple

– Processor

A8 processor

– Wireless charging

The new iPhone 6 is rumoured to come with wireless charging feature just like its big rival, Samsung.

– Internal Storage

Up to 128GB internal storage or expandable storage

– Operating system

New iOS 8 operating system

– Heart rate EarPods



– Network

2G Network GSM 850/900/1800/1900-all models

CDMA 800/1700/1900/2100

3G Network HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100

CDMA 2000 1xEV-DO

HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100

4G Network LTE-all models


137.5x67x7 mm (5.41×2.64×0.28 in)

500 dpi density fingerprint sensor (Touch ID)



– Sensors

Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass

– Camera

8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, dual-LED

– Unlocking

It is being rumoured that the new iPhone 6 will come with an automatic unlocking feature similar to Google’s Android L. With this feature, there won’t be any need for Touch ID or a passcode.

New features to allow iPhone 6 work with its long-rumoured iWatch might also be included in the iPhone 6 by Apple.


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How to Make Money Online $100 Easily

How to make money online

Here is how to make money online $100 easily genuinely just by sharing your experience and knowledge about forex. You get paid for each post it will reflect as points but by the end of the month it would be converted into cash and paid to your trading account
which you can withdraw via your payment method. Other ways to make money online.

Fxfred is a forum that is owned by Mayzus a well-established forex broker that is registered in Cyprus. You get paid $0.18 per post.
Each post requires a minimum of three (3) full lines. You must follow their rules in other not to get banned but don’t be afraid they are flexible they would always give you infractions to warn you not to repeat the mistake again in other to avoid being banned.

At the end of the month you will be paid to your trading account (Mayzus) and can freely withdraw the money to your preferred payment method. They have a variety of withdrawal options which includes Webmoney, Okpay, Skrill, Netteller amongst others.

Note: Please you must have a Mayzus account in other to withdraw your bonus.  Sign up to create an account with Mayzus

To join the forum, please register here You would see your bonus in points where 18 points is equivalent to  (18×0.01 cent) = $0.18 cent. Assuming you make 20 post a day. 20 post x 0.18 cents = 3.6$ in a month that will be 3.6$ X 30 days = 108 dollars. Endeavour to read the rules of the forum to know the paying sections. Here are some of the paying sections of the forum:

– – General Forex Discussion – Paying
– – Market Forecasts and Analysis – Paying
– – Forex Beginners – Paying
– – Trading Psychology – Paying
– – Trading Strategies – Paying

how to make money online $100 easily

Experience with Fxfred

Since I joined this forum in the year 2010, I have be earning and been paid to my trading account the following month. The good thing I like about this forum is that it is not only one of the highest paying forum, the bonus is fully withdrawable. In the sense that you don’t  have to trade forex with the bonus or amount paid for making post to the forum before you can withdraw profit.  The very day your earned bonus is paid to your trading account, you can make a withdrawal straight to your desired payment method. In addition, the Mayzus organizes contests and the forum  organizes contest too so that you don’t necessarily need to make post for you to earn even for just participating in the forum contest, you can win lots of prizes and cash up to $1000  that are fully withdrawable. I actually introduced a friend of mine who participated in the contest and won $100 without posting and withdrew the money for shopping…Lol. However you spend your bonus money is entirely up to you. My advice spend it wisely or better, use it to trade.
Updates from Mayzus: Enroll in Our New Forex Demo Championship and Win Generous Prizes!!!

Together with the other participants of the contest, you will be given a free demo account with an initial $50,000 virtual deposit. Every week the three traders with the highest trading balance will be awarded $500, $800 and $1000 bonuses respectively. Additionally, each week participant who has traded the largest number of lots will be awarded the Most Active Trader award of a $100 value.

Click here to enroll.
Has this article be helpful to you? For questions and queries share on the comment box.

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No Deposit Bonus from Instaforex

No Deposit Bonus from Instaforex

Forex trading is the largest financial market in the world and hence it have good liquidity. With the participation of big companies and huge financial institutions which forex traders sometimes refer to as “market movers and shakers”, there seems to be a lot of opportunities in forex. Of course there are opportunities in forex but then forex trading is very risky.  Forex trading won’t be very easy for a beginner but when he is part of an organization that provides good forex tips and is also provided with forex no deposit bonus it becomes a lot easier for him. He is even encouraged to learn. As a trader spends more time practicing forex, he increases his forex trading skills and experience then forex seems to become more understandable and less risky and with time, he will become a better forex trader.

Forex No Deposit Bonus: What it means

Forex no deposit bonus is when a trader is provide a specified amount by a forex company. All that is required of you is to simply create an account with the forex company, thereafter verify your trading account and you would be awarded your bonus. At the same time, you would receive free trading signals to guide you in making profit from trading.

You would be able to withdraw profits made from the Forex no deposit bonus.

Instaforex is currently offering no deposit bonus to all its new clients. A no deposit bonus of $30 to $40 is what you would receive in your trading account once your signup here. Plus you would get free signals for your trades.

No Deposit Bonus from Instaforex – Why?

No deposit bonus from Instaforex. You might want to ask “why should I invest with Instaforex are you even sure that they are genuine?”

In a review on Instaforex broker, Instaforex is a Russian forex broker founded in the year 2007 and they have won series of awards amongst which are Best Broker in Asia and Best Forex ECN Broker 2013 by UK Forex Awards. Instaforex has been my number one broker since 2010 and that is the reason I recommend them.

How to get Forex No Deposit Bonus from Instaforex

–          Create an account with Instaforex

When you signup here, below photo is proof of how much bonus you would receive.

no deposit bonus from instaforex

–          Verify your trading account by uploading your ID card

–          Your account gets credited

Act Fast!

Some of forex no deposit bonus offered by brokers do have a date of expiration. That is to say after a certain number of investors as accepted the opportunity of registering for the No Deposit Bonus, they might stop giving new accounts Forex  No Deposit Bonus. So act fast as Instaforex broker is still giving no deposit bonus.

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How to Make Windows Genuine with Remove WAT

Remove WAT App – How to Make Windows Genuine with Remove WAT

In my previous article, I shared with you How to Make Windows Genuine with Command Prompt. Now if that method did not work for you, you can easily try to use this method How to make windows genuine with Remove WAT.

The Remove WAT is a great software which helps to make Windows genuine forever by removing the activation time. In some PCs/Laptops where every other method of activating Windows fails, Remove WAT is such to provide a yes solution to your problems. I have activated some Windows popping up the warning that Windows is not Genuine with Command Prompt method but I found out that in some laptops/PCs, it doesn’t work and in this had to try the Remove WAT tool which automatically did remove the activation time and made the windows genuine. WAT means Windows Activation Time so with the Remove WAT tool, the activation time is completely removed and hence you don’t have to worry for activating your Windows after a particular time, “This copy of Windows is not genuine”, a black desktop background even after you change the Wallpaper are all gone forever.

However, there are so many Remove WAT apps that I have downloaded and didn’t work for me they either gave me an error code or some of the download links had virus and incomplete downloads occurs in other occasions.

The only Remove WAT app which I have downloaded, virus free and it worked for me is what I would share here.

 remove WAT

Steps to Get and Use Remove WAT tool

– Download and extract remove WAT app here

Note :If this downloaded file doesn’t work for you, simply request for it on the comment box and I promise to reply you with other links.

– Extract it

– Right click on WAT Remover and “Run as administrator)

– Click “Remove WAT”

remove WAT

– Confirm

– Allow the process to complete then confirm restart

That is all. Windows 7 is activated


Confirm That WAT is removed

-For you to confirm that “WAT” is removed,

– Open My Computer

– Click on System Properties or Right Click on Drive (C:)

– Click on properties

– You won’t see any “Windows Activation Status” column if the process is successful as earlier before. This method works for all Windows 7 versions

remove WAT

Important: Note it is recommended that after you install Remove WAT, you shouldn’t update Windows. (Windows is set as Automatic” by default you should change it to “Never”). You can change the settings by going to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update,

–          Click on “change settings” on Important updates click the drop down arrow and select “Never check for updates“.


You can try How To Make Windows Genuine with Command Prompt before trying Remove WAT.

Remove WAT worked for me did it work for you?

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PayPal Now Accepts Accounts from Nigeria

PayPal is one of the most accepted means of payment in the internet. It was founded by Palo Alto in United States in June 1998 with its headquarters in San Jose, California, United States.

We are all aware of the difficulties in trying to register for a PayPal account in Nigeria before now. However, it would no longer be a problem for Nigerian’s to create an account with PayPal as PayPal expands their payment services to additional 10 new countries with Nigeria included.

The countries include five European markets and four African countries. They are Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco and Paraguay.


This is good news to any blogger and online marketers out there as most of the sites I know requires PayPal as their only means of payment online.

It is also very helpful for those who want to make online purchase as so many sites accept only PayPal as payment method.

Paypal will help a lot to many bloggers and internet marketers who wish to integrate PayPal service into their websites.

We won’t have to beg for friends abroad to help receive our goods just because we can’t own a PayPal account here in Nigeria. I can recall how I tried to make payment online so many times but just because I didn’t have a payment account, it was impossible for me. Now this is history as PayPal now accepts account from Nigerians.

The announcement was made on Reuters according to Rupert Keeley, the executive in charge of the EMEA region of PayPal, the payments unit of eBay Inc as from Tuesday 17th of June, 2014 Nigerian’s, with 60 million users and has Africa’s largest population, with nine others will be able to use PayPal. Hence the total number of countries PayPal will now be used worldwide will sum up to 203.

To signup, go to and create your account.

Is this good news for you?

Best Forex Broker

Best Forex Broker

Deciding on the best forex broker to invest with could be a difficult choice to make for your circumstances. So many decisions to be considered such as their minimal investment capital, their spread, or from what region do they accept their investors and trusting that they are for real the list goes on and on. I have learned the hard way before finding the best forex broker to invest with and I would share with you so that you won’t have to pass through the stress either.

Best Forex Broker – What to Look For


Your first look out should be trust. There are so many new brokers who are out there to take advantage of inexperienced trader. Yes there are some brokers that are scams. So in considering the best forex broker to invest with, you must ensure that the broker is worth trusty and his attached to a broking firm.

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader platform, is a very popular trading platform used by most experienced trader. I like the MetaTrader platform because it is very flexible and easier to understand compared to other trading platforms. Also, it has compatibility with mobile phones. You should also consider MetaTrader Platform when making choice of best forex broker to invest with.

Help & Customer Service

In considering the best forex broker to invest with, ensure that the broker has prompt customer help care center. This will help a great deal. Nothing is more frustrating when you are having issues around your trading platform and you can’t get through to the customer service.

Reference & Reviews from Previous Clients

A good broker should have good reference and reviews from previous clients this is an indication of customer satisfaction.


It is not an easy task in finding the best forex broker. I hope with the advice in this article, you have some guidelines on how to quickly process your search on best forex broker. From my experience, I recommend I have been with them since 2010 and ever since I have been investing with them, I have had no issues with them. Get $40 No Deposit Bonus from Instaforex

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No deposit bonus

How To Make Money

How to Make Money Online Free

There are a few ways that you can actually make money online free. Today I would start by introducing you to two forums that I have actually made money online free and have withdrawn my money from this sites without any issues.

Make money online free from this two forex forum sites they are one of the highest paying forums that offers pay per post services. What Pay Per Post means is that for every post you make you get paid for it. The post could be your ideas or your contribution to the discussed topic and should not be less than 2 lines to qualify you for your payment. Now you might say you have been doing this before and think it is rigid take my word for it, I have earned up to $1,000 from this site. Just follow the steps here and you will be glad you did.


Why Pay Per Post

If you need to know how to make money online free then pay per post is one of the best and easiest way to go about that. You might have made losses trading forex in the past or you have been trading on demo account but now need to start trading live account but because you don’t have enough capital to start trading you can’t go live.
Forex Forum | Forex Trading Forums | MT5 Forum

Good News!

The good news is that you would be paid free money to trade forex. I would reveal to you in this article how to make money online free with pay per post. How would you like to get paid 20 cents for every post you make and there is no minimum withdraw when the month ends, you just receive your payment to your trading account.


How It Works!

1. There are few forums out there who will pay you bonus per post made. The payment ranges from $0.20 to $.25 cent depending on the section of the forum you make comment.

2. Make 50 post a day is the .20 X 50 = $10 per day sum it up for a month you will get $10 X 30(a month) = $300 for one month.


i. Depending on the forum your first 5 to 10 post will not be visible after then you would see your post and bonus earned for post made.

ii. Ensure that you make a post of minimum 2 lines to get bonus for post.

iii. Make relevant comments, answers or questions, in other words do not spam the forum

iv. Attach your account on your profile. (Need help attaching your account? Feel free to ask your questions on comment box I will reply you.

v. Bonus cannot be withdrawn but profits made from bonus can be withdrawn without limit.


Getting Paid

You get paid at the end of the month to your attached account.

make money

Here is the site:

How to make money? Visit and create an account to today.

Please when asked for referral id/affiliate code during sign up use: berich. Thanks.

After signup endeavour to activate your account by clicking on the account sent to your mail box. Then sign in to the site and post at least 5 to 10 post then start reaping your benefit.

Oki Doki that is about it for today.

Next Week, I would post here on how to make money with the other forum that I use and have cashed a lot from posting on the forum and you get paid to your credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney  etc accounts without having to trade forex.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so that you would get updates from our blog.

Have any question, leave it on the comment box, I would be glad to help you out.

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