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Are You Looking For New Wearable Technology Trends?

Speaking about the world-class technologies there are a number of emerging trends. One of those is wearable technology trends that are anticipated to grow upto a good percentage of overtime.

Concept of wearable technology

Using wearable technology is increasing nowadays due to the necessity of people. Now, what is wearable technology? This is a technology instigating electronics into your regular activities and transforming lifestyles. You can wear them on any of your body parts. However, you can use as an item. The capacity of internet connectivity and be able to switch over amid device and network results to the wearable technology items.

wearable technology trends

Some emerging wearable technology trends

Recent research improvements led to the increasing demands of wearable technology trends. In these devices, manufacturers have incorporated advanced design and technology for your regular lifestyle. Later on, they shifted focus towards creating attractive designs to lure the customers. Here are mentioned few emerging trends in wearable technology.

Smart Watches

Don’t just see the time with smart watches. They are digital watches doing more in comparison to your old analog watches. Yes, but get more with it. Topping the chart Smartwatches are inbuilt with an electrocardiogram to give warning against any heart complication. They are able to run all sorts of apps and digital media such as radio and audio tracks streamed to your Bluetooth headphones. Most of these smart watches feature touchscreens that allow you accessibility to different functions as

  • Compass
  • Calculator
  • Thermometer and
  • GPS Navigation

In addition, Smart watches detect any panic that is likely to occur. Say, for example, the smart watch will send notifications to your nearest family members or family physician during fall. As you can understand these watches are standalone devices featuring internet connectivity. You can also get message notifications and synchronize your calendar as well. They have become widely popular and specifically designed for athletics like route, lap times and distance.

Smart Fabrics

As the name implies Smart Fabrics are specially manufactured garments. Also known as E-Textiles (Electronic Textiles), they are made with digital elements like a light and a battery (including mini computers) along with electronics instigated within. So these fabrics are developed with innovative technologies offering additional value to the wearer. They are made with nontraditional techniques and materials having the capacity to do a number of things traditional textiles cannot. Some of the things Smart Fabrics are famous for include:

  • Conduct Energy
  • Communicate
  • Grow and
  • Transform

As wearable technology trends, E-Textiles are classified into 2 categories including Performance Enhancing and Aesthetic Appearance. Looking into the Performance Enhancing E-Textiles they are particularly designed for professionals in extreme sports, military applications and athletics. These fabrics are designed to control your body temperature, regulate muscle vibrations and lessen wind resistance for enhanced athletic performance. 

Aesthetic E-Textiles combine materials to transform color and light up at ease. Few of them get energy from nature through heat, sound and vibrations. Otherwise, the lighting mechanism and color transformation are also embedded through electronics to empower them. They include actuators, microcontrollers and sensors for functioning.

Smart Rings

Good accessory for people who love wearing beautiful rings on their fingers. Aesthetically designed as traditional rings or bit larger they actually function as your mobile phone. Recently smart rings are used as the most wearable electronic gadget widely. They include updated mobile components so you can use them instead of using your phones. They can directly communicate with your smartphones or other compatible gadgets with different websites and applications. This means you don’t have to carry your phone every time for your wants. Even there are few smart rings that function without using mobile phones. They serve as:

  • Near-Field Communication Device eliminating the need of your car and door keys or even credit cards.
  • Notifies you about incoming emails, calls, texts and lots more
  • Allows you to conduct several actions through hands and
  • Measure heart rate, steps, sleeps and distance
  • Helps to track the quantity of calories taken

Very much in trend these smart rings are. This device is gaining immense popularity among individuals and businessmen spending much time in meetings without wasting time by looking into their mobile phones.

Smart Glasses

Specifically designed for disabled and elderly people these smart glasses are actually considered the best. It would be better to call them a guide as they keep a check on what the weather does. For example: if you are cooking a dish the glasses help you through avatars, text and visuals and reacts at your mistake as well. These glasses are designed to let you perform thereby delivering instructions about improvement and correct the errors that might occur. They provide directions for basic works including: 

  • Brew Coffee
  • Bake Cakes
  • Practice Yoga and
  • Fix Bicycle

Growth in the numbers of elderly people has paved the significant demand for wearable healthcare services. They help disabled and aged people perform their respective tasks effectively.

Assault Protection Wearable

The number of crimes on women has increased significantly. Some of them listed are sexual abuses, murders, harassments and assaults etc. Assault Protection Wearables in simple terms are stickers attached to your outfits. You can quickly send alert signals nearby and inform friends and family for assistance. The best part is they can even detect if the patient is not into senses and cannot defend themself from the assaulter. So this comes as a unique solution for those who are intoxicated, minors or bed-ridden. 

Assault Protection Wearable work with your Smartphone’s Bluetooth to trigger loud sound during such emergency situations or assaults. It helps to create alerts immediately. Additionally, these devices help to record the undesired incidents as evidence against the criminal for taking legal actions. It is considered as one of the safety wearable technologies to safeguard yourself. 

Fitness Trackers

Fitness Trackersare gaining much importance in recent times. They are turning powerful and designed in universal size for all. Mainly designed to deal with increasing health concerns they help you deal with a sedentary lifestyle. Nowadays fitness trackers are available at many reasonable prices and can capture data of your health records in a wider way. Using this handheld device, you can track your health records during sleep even. It further becomes easier for your doctor to make a correct diagnosis at once. Apart from this, you can rely upon fitness trackers for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Measures your heart rate
  • Monitors your health
  • Counts your steps
  • Helps you to set realistic goals
  • Get tips from workout trainer for free

Using fitness trackers regularly helps you work and improve your workouts to achieve your goals at ease. With its user-friendly interface, you can immediately check the progress without stopping your workout sessions through inbuilt screens, vibrating alarms, history tracking and statistics as well. Additionally, they make you understand those habits you can easily maintain to achieve your realistic and long-term workout goals. They are completely waterproof and so you can track your swimming sessions as well.

Health Wearable or Medical Wearable

Increasing health issues has led to the significant use of health wearable at many reasonable prices. Technology has improved widely and health wearable is one of the best choices for people suffering from health issues often. The priority of using these health wearables is because of the instant and correct diagnosis to be made by your doctor after which he/she can prescribe appropriate medications.

Say for instance: if you meet your physician today, he/she is likely to ask you for a few tests for appropriate diagnosis. And unfortunately, it is time-consuming which is taken care of by your medical wearable. You can use the device for the following purposes:

  • Predicts Alzheimer
  • Informs athletes of their Electrolyte and Water loss
  • Detects the cancer cells
  • Detects heart diseases

Advancement in technology is very much found in these medical wearables and informs you about various diseases instantly. Good for people who stay without family.

Where to buy wearable technology trends

There are many places from where to buy wearable technology. But the easiest way is looking into the internet and the websites help you find the desired item for your need. Just compare all the sites and user reviews and find the best one suitable. Else you have offline medical stores where you can find different brands of wearable technology.

wearable technology trend


Looking into the popularity of wearable technology, it is quite evident that people will continue using them even in the future. The best thing about this wearable technology is it has become quite affordable to buy once you feel the need. Due to the advent of technology, they are considered for a number of reasons. From measuring your heart rate to recording your workout sessions and tracking your progress these handheld devices have become your daily partner. It is important to note that you need to upgrade the versions to enjoy more advantages. A good product to take complete care of your health concerns effectively.

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